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Creative Winter/Spring Date Ideas For Dating & Married Couples

With recommendations in the Coeur d’Alene and San Diego area

One of the pieces of advice my grandpa has given me for when there is a special somebody in my life is to, “Never stop dating”. There is so so much more to keeping relationships thriving. But I have often heard that being intentional with dating, can create opportunities for you both to connect in ways that you may not on a regular basis. As a young girl watching my Grandpa and Grandma date throughout their whole marriage from (Going to the beach every Sunday to getting gelato together and so much more) their love for each other was so inspiring to me.

Experiencing a real winter for the first time has been such a highlight of living in Idaho. And getting to have a white Christmas for the first time felt like a hallmark dream. But despite the beauty of winter it also can make things a little more challenging at times, especially when planning fun dates together. Like you can't just throw on flip flops and go for a walk outside (well you could but I am not sure how much you would enjoy it). But winter doesn't have to dampen the many fun memories you can have together! So if you feel a little like you are in the movie “Groundhog Day” with your dates or if you are just looking for fresh new ideas. I went all out for you and asked several couples, that I greatly admire, for their best date night ideas and combined them all here for you! I hope these ideas spark inspiration for your next date!

Added Bonus: My sister told me that she loves being intentional with the dates she and her husband go on by asking each other good questions. So under every date idea, I have included fun conversation starters that relate to the date idea.

1. Shall we play a game? - Bring your favorite board game to a coffee shop

This is for those coffee or tea lovers out there. Order the barista's favorite drinks for yourself and instead of just chatting bring your favorite board or card game to compete against each other. My favorite coffee shop in Couer d’Alene that stays open late is Union Roasters or Whoops Bakery

Conversation starter - What do you find most challenging in your life right now?

2. What a Novel idea - Bookstore date

Travel to a new place with your special someone through the pages of the book. You are each given 10 ten minutes to find each other a book for each other within the budget of $10. Once you find a book that represents the other person, share why you chose it and then sit down to read it together trading off characters in the book. Your adventure is awaiting you!

Conversation Starter - If you could be anyone for a day who would you be and why?

3. Artists at work - Go to a pottery painting studio

Change the phrase starving artists by getting dinner together and then heading to the pottery studio to create your masterpiece. And paint something that represents one of your favorite memories throughout your relationship. If you need an idea of where to find a pottery studio check out Hands to Art in Couer d’Alene or Clay n Latte in San Diego County

Conversation starter: Who has inspired you the most throughout your life?

4. Good things come to those who thrift - Thrift Store Date

Find out who knows each other best and what reminds them of you, you might be surprised! Head to your favorite local thrift store and take 10 minutes to find an outfit that reminds you of the other person with a budget of $15. Once you each have discovered the items present them tell each other why you chose that outfit. After you are finished you must wear the outfit to dinner.

Make sure to take a picture, because it may be the only time you will want to wear them.

Conversation starter: If you could create a perfect day, what would you do, where would you go, and with whom?

5. I love you a little s'more every day - Indoor Fort and S’more Roasting

Baby, it's cold outside, so why not try indoors…build a fort indoors and roast marshmallows over a candle and watch your favorite romance movie while reminiscing over the memories of your relationship.

Conversation starter - What was your most memorable camping trip as a child?

6. Made with love - Dinner Date with a twist

Choose a new restaurant to try and each of you gets to choose the meal for the other. A fun addition to this date is to play 20 questions relationship memory style. One of you thinks of your favorite memory together and your significant other are given 20 questions to find out what the other person is thinking of.

Conversation starter - What experiences have made you who you are today?

7. Love is an open door - Escape room date

Have you ever watched a movie where the main characters race against the clock to beat impossible odds and overcome great feats and thought to yourself,

"I could SO do that..."? Well, NOW YOU CAN! Escape rooms are such a fun way to work as a team! Depending on the adventure you choose, you may want to bring a few friends or siblings along for the ride! If you don't which one to choose you can start with 59 Escapes Adventures in Post Falls.

Conversation starter - What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow?

8. This is how we roll - Go Roller Skating

I don't know if it's the fun retro feel that skates give or just gliding over the floor, but this is one of my favorite ideas! And whether you are a newbie or a pro, this date idea will create such fun memories! One of my favorite places in Couer d’Alene is the Skate Plaza. And you can even pick up some coffee when you are finished at the Anchored Coffee Company and reminisce over your fun time!

Conversation starter - If you could live in a movie, which one would it be and why?

9. What’s Cooking good-looking? Take a Cooking Class

You’ll know right away if the relationship stands a chance once you find out who’s better in the kitchen. The culinary stone in Couer d’Alene is a great place to start

Conversation starter - What is something you have always wanted to try?

10. You bake me happy - Baking Cookies Blindfolded

It ain’t gonna be easy, but tough cookies never crumble!” Roll a die to see who is going to direct the baking with just their words and the other one has to prepare the recipe blindfolded. And the twist is that you both must talk in a British accent. It's like the great British bakeoff but with several twists. Have fun!

Conversation starter - What areas of your life do you have a hard time trusting others in?

11. Let it snow - Embrace the cold and spend time outside + Photo Session

Even if it's snowing outside, put on your warmest outfits and head outside for sledding or building a snowman or both, maybe even a snow-ball fight. Fun tip: The snow adds such a fun element to photo sessions. I am always down for taking photos in the gorgeous snow, so just send me an email and we can brave the weather together!

Conversation starter - If there was a place you would never see yourself living in, where would it be and why?

12. Don’t do a rain check - Have a "No Power" date night

The power does not have to be out to make this date night work, but if a winter storm kills the lights, this date idea will spark a memorable time together. Light all your candles, order takeout, and talk until the power comes back.

Conversation starter - If you had the power to correct one problem in the world, what would you fix?

13. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure - Go antiquing together

Taking a stroll through your local antique shop can be a fun and refreshing icebreaker. Keep your eyes peeled for something reasonably priced but memorable to give to your date as a memento of your special day together.

My favorite place in Couer d’Alene is Midtown Market (It's like antique and chic all combined into one) in San Diego County - The Urban Barn

Conversation starter - What are 3 objects you would never want to give away and why?

14. Love never ends - Visit an elderly home

Winter can be discouraging at times because the sun doesn't come out as often. Share your love with others and brighten their day with a visit to an elderly home. You may not know how much it will touch you to minister to others.

Conversation starter - What will matter most to you when you are old and gray?

15. Take a drive - Drive around your favorite neighborhood with hot chocolate

Just because it's grey outside doesn't mean you have to stay inside. Take the car out and get cozy and warm with some hot chocolate and drive around a cute neighborhood. You each can take turns pointing out what you do or don't like about each house and why. Feel free to choose an urban, or rural town. This idea can spark ideas for your future possible home, and reveal personal interests and personalities.

Conversation starter - What was your favorite part of the home you grew up in?

I hope you all enjoyed these fun ideas and conversation starters! With summer coming up, I will be posting another blog with summer date night ideas! Be on the lookout! And If any of these ideas inspire your next date night, tag #SNPDatenight I always love getting to follow along!

Love Sarah Noel


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