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Dustin & Olivia's Gorgeous Summer Wedding


This wedding was gorgeous from the beautiful bright pink peony bouquets, to the flowy dresses, the crisp navy suits, the luscious green trees, the delicate china plates, and the petite wedding cake. I couldn't be more in love with all the pink details and peonies.

Although these details were amazing, the two things I loved the most about this wedding was how much the bride and groom loved and served each other and how the bride's family was such an amazing support to them both! What you can't tell from these photos is that the bride and her siblings had caught the flu the morning of the wedding. Even though the bride was not feeling well physically, she wasn't going to let it ruin their special wedding day. She was so stunning that you couldn't tell she was sick at all. Her husband was willing to do anything to serve her and it was a beautiful testament to how Christ served His bride, the Church, by laying down His life.

It was a honor to be apart of such a special day!


Sarah Noel


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