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Dreamy Manito Park Anniversary Session - Michael & Ashlee - Spokane Washington

This Spokane, Washington portrait session at Manito Park with Michael & Ashlee was an all-time favorite! Michael & Ashlee are about to celebrate their first year anniversary, so it was the perfect reason to take photos. I loved getting to know them more during their session and you can probably tell in their photos what a sweet couple they are! It was so beautiful to see within just an hour with them that they display Christ’s love in their marriage. Everywhere we went Michael was looking out for Ashlee and caring for her. And Ashlee followed Michael’s leadership in such a gracious way. My favorite part of their relationship story is when Michael was getting to know Ashlee, he would drive two hours to pick her up to take her to church, and then drive her all the way back home again--all to serve her and show his love for her. What a beautiful example of how Christ serves his bride.

The Session

As we were walking around the many gardens at Manito Park, I was totally in photographer heaven. Everything looked like it could be from The Secret Garden movie--from the green arches to the white trailing flowers. I loved how Micahel and Ashlee trusted us and were up for all of our ideas and prompts--they even made everything ten times cuter. And the weather was absolutely perfect with clouds here and there in the sky. Towards the end of the session, the sun peeked through the clouds and made for such a dreamy glow.

Happy 1st Anniversary Micahel & Ashlee! I pray that you continue to shine brightly for Christ in your marriage!

- Sarah Noel


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