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Micah & Ashley's beautiful, Christ-Centered Wedding in East Texas

Micah and Ashley's Wedding in Texas Photographer by Sarah Noel Photography

What a special day filled with so many sweet moments and emotions. It was like the closing of one book in a series and yet the beginning of another. In order to see the amazing beauty that God brought out of the pain, I need to tell you a little back story. Ashley has such a heart to serve the Lord wherever He leads. Several years ago, she and her husband, Luke, were serving on the mission field with their three girls when Luke went to be with his Savior in a plane crash. As Luke’s sister and Ashley’s sister-in-law, it was so hard to watch Ashley go through that season. But I also got to see how God faithfully carried them and lead them through the pain to His loving arms.

Two years after Luke’s passing, the Lord brought Micah into Ashley’s life through a mutual friend. They grew closer together, and it became clear to them that they were meant for each other. On a beautiful humid day in Texas on August 21st, they were joined together to serve and love one another as Christ has loved them. A filled with tears and so much joy!

Through getting to be a part of their day as their photographer, I got to see their heart for serving the Lord and each other so beautifully. My favorite moment of the whole day was during the ceremony when Micah and Ashley were washing each other feet as a symbol of their desire to sacrificially serve one another just as Christ has served us. As Micah was finishing washing Ashley’s feet, unexpectedly, their little girls tiptoed up there. Then Micah displayed the action of servanthood as he washed each of their feet too. All who were watching were holding back tears at the beautiful picture of the gospel.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He has made everything beautiful in its time”. God beautifully turned a painful story into one of beauty. It was beautiful to see Micah and Ashley serve one another as they entered into marriage. And may the Lord keep adding beauty to each day.

Love Sarah Noel

Ring shot by Sarah Noel Photography in Coeur d'Alene

Bridal Getting Ready by Sarah Noel Photography

Young Living Makeup For Bridal Getting Ready

Bridal Getting Ready By Sarah Noel Photography

One of the bridesmaids and her adorable baby.

First Look By Sarah Noel Photography in Coeur d'Alene

Bride & Groom Portrait by Sarah Noel Photography Coeur d'Alene & San Diego

Ashley was such a beautiful bride!

Bridal Party Portrait by Sarah Noel Photography Coeur d'Alene & San Diego

Joyful and genuine bridesmaid portrait by Sarah Noel Photography Coeur d'Alene & San Diego

Groomsmen Portraits by Sarah Noel Photography Coeur d'Alene & San Diego

This was such a special moment when Micah gave each of their girl's necklaces saying "Daddy's little girl".

The personality of each of the little girls that show through in this family photo, makes me smile so much!

Joyful Family Portraits by Sarah Noel Photography Coeur d'Alene & San Diego

Special wedding moments, first look and prayer with Bride's mom and Dad

Detail photos by Sarah Noel Photography Coeur d'Alene & San Diego

The groom's Grandmother passed away several years ago but was beautifully honored in the ceremony.

Bridesmaid walking down the aisle by Sarah Noel Photography Coeur d'Alene & San Diego

Bride's Entrance

The bride led the people of the ceremony in a song of worship to all that God has done.

Worship during the wedding ceremony

Special wedding moments, foot washing between the Bride and Groom

I DO words with lights and silhouette of Bride and Groom kissing

Stunning Bride and Groom Portrait by Sarah Noel Photography

Sunset Portrait by Sarah Noel Photographer in Coeur d'Alene and San Diego

Sunset bride and groom portraits


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