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Rustic, Colorful, Fall Wedding at The Barn on Wild Rose Prairie WA - Kenny & Kayla

After passing through the sun-glistened prairie, the pathway led to the most beautiful rustic barn (The Barn on Wild Rose Prairie) with greenery surrounding it. White drapes were hung from the ceiling inside, along with Twinkle lights ready to be lit. Across the way the steps led to the ceremony set on lush green grass, vines twirling around the arbor, complete with the view of the prairie in the distance. Everything was set up, just waiting for the excitement of Kenny and Kayla's special day.

This was the beginning of a beautiful wedding that I had the privilege of second shooting with the amazing Lisa Prins from Lisa Prins Photography. Ever since I first met her, she has felt like an older sister to me. She is so genuine and her love for Christ shines forth from her. Capturing this wedding together was such a dream! And now back to the wedding...


Before everyone arrived Lisa and I had set aside time to work with the gorgeous details we had. From the rings that coordinated with swirls, the colorful bouquet with burgundy dahlias, and peach roses, to the wedding dress with a long sweeping train, everything was gorgeous.

As the Bridal party arrived, laughter and joy-filled the setting. The girls finished the last touches on Kayla's hair and makeup. All the girls were in their emerald green dresses with a unique style to each one. The support from Kayla's friends was so special to see. One of the bridesmaids had injured her leg and yet she didn't let it stop her from being there for Kayla that day!

Once Kayla was ready she came out to do a first look with her mom and dad. They both had the sweetest smiles once they saw their daughter all ready for the most special day of her life. Kayla had picked out special gifts for her parents to show how much she loved them. Then we brought the bridesmaids out for a first look and every girl was brimming from ear to ear or wiping away a tear. Lastly, but most importantly, Kayla came out to see her groom. The first look spot was picked out right next to a secluded rustic barn with green vines growing next to it, it was perfect. When Kenny turned around you would have thought that you haven't seen someone smile bigger than he did. This is why first looks are some of my favorite parts from a wedding day.


As guests were all seated the music started and Kenny along with the cutest ring security brought the show in style as they threw their badges to the crowd and strutted down the aisle. The bridal party in sets followed arm in arm. With the moment everyone had been waiting for... Kayla appeared on the steps holding her Dad's arm just beaming. The cue was a little delayed, but I am sure her Dad didn't mind getting to hold onto his daughter for a little bit longer.

The ceremony was filled with special moments and unique traditions, it was a perfect representation of the Bride and Groom and their love for each other. After they marched back up the aisle, the guests were instructed to stand and turn around for a LARGE group photo. I love this idea because it allows you to document all the people you treasure most in one place! Feel free to save this idea!


Sitting under a beautiful awning were colorful bouquets displayed on the circle tables. While there was the smell of barbeque in the air, and laughter everywhere you could easily tell that everyone was enjoying their time together. Following the dinner, the bridal party gave the sweetest speeches that made you want to laugh and cry. Then it was time for the Daddy Daughter dance, and you couldn't help but smile as danced to the song from lion king "I can't wait to be king". It was a song that they had danced many times together when Kayla was a little girl. The night concluded after Kayla and Kenny's dance and everyone jumping on the dance floor and dancing the night away.

I can't tell you enough, how special it is to be a part of the many treasured moments of a wedding. It's those moments that make everything worth it! Enjoy getting to share in these moments through the photos. I think you are going to love them!

Love Sarah Noel



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