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Stunning Washington Mountain Wedding - Noah & Emalee

On a beautiful October afternoon, we arrived at Noah’s Emalee’s wedding in Kettle Falls, Washington. It was a sunshine & blue skies kind of day with the temperature perfect for the occasion. We headed into the Bridal suite where Emalee and her bridesmaids were getting ready at the home of a sweet family friend. Emalee was surrounded by her closest friends and her sweet mom and mother-in-law as they helped her get ready for the most special day. They all had the sweetest connection, all I had to do was have the bride smile at her bridesmaids, and they would all be laughing and smiling instantly. When Emalee walked out of the room She looked absolutely stunning in her romantic lace gown, everything thing about the dress matched her personality and style perfectly.

As guests were seated in rows of white chairs for the wedding, they overlooked the most stunning backdrop of mountains. Everything was set for Noah & Emalee’s beautiful wedding ceremony. The Bride & Groom shared their personal vows for one another as sweet friends wiped away joyful tears from their eyes. It was a beautiful moment centered on Christ and their love for each other.

The reception down at the house commenced their lovely day. During the dinner, the maid of honor and best man gave their toasts that left you tearing up and laughing. The newlyweds cut their beautiful decorated tiered cake. And lastly, surrounded by their family and friends blowing bubbles the Bride & groom danced to their favorite song. It was a magical moment to end their magical day! Definitely one of my favorite weddings to date!

Emalee & Noah, I am so glad that we met and got the chance to get to know you both. It was such a privilege to be a part of your special day and witness God writing this next chapter in your story.

- Sarah Noel


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