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What to know before booking a wedding photographer

What's the number one thing you look for when you're searching for the perfect wedding photographer?

Is it finding someone who; is the least expensive, lives nearby you, has a specific style, genuinely cares about you and your day, or fill in the blank____? If you've been looking for a photographer you've probably realized that it can be a little overwhelming at times and I'm here to help you in your search with my 5 best tips on finding the perfect photographer to capture your special day!

1. Look past just the highlights

You may think this is obvious, but Instagram can just be a collection of highlights. So it's really important to see more than just the 5 highlight pictures from a wedding day. Wedding blogs are the best way to see the best photos from a full wedding day and see how your photographer connects their clients. So check out some of their blogs and envision the photos being your wedding day. While every wedding is different, a good photographer is able to capture different weddings but with a consistent style and look. Looking past just the highlight reel of Instagram will give you more confidence in the photographer you choose!

2. Look for a photographer who genuinely cares;

After you have viewed a photographer's work, I think the second most (and sometimes first) important thing to look for is; if the photographer genuinely cares about their clients as friends. You may be asking how will I know that? Look at how they present their business. Do they invite you into their life through social media instead of just showing pretty pictures? Or does their website portray who they are as a person, more than just them as a photographer? This is a sign that they want you to feel connected to them and not just their work. You can also perceive this through what the reviews say about the experience the photographer provides. In this generation, experience plays such a key role in the service. By hiring a wedding photographer you are giving them permission to be a part of one of the most special days of your life. Most of the time, they are actually with you more than your groom. A photographer who genuinely cares about you will not only capture your wedding in a way that represents you best but also will be there to serve you in whatever way they can. Genuinely connecting with my clients and serving them is what brings me joy in my business!

3. Cheap doesn't necessarily mean the best option

Everyone is familiar with the phrase, “You get what you pay for”. This can be very true of photography too. It is often thought that a photographer is basically someone with a fancy camera who shows up for the day, but instead, there is so much more to what makes a good photographer. Some of the best photographers have invested countless hours and money in education to perfect their skills and serve you in the best way possible. They also invest time into creating an experience that leaves you feeling cared for and stress-free, from every email you receive, connecting over coffee, creating a timeline, to the wedding day itself. And with all of that, they spend hours editing every photo afterward, and so many others things to give you the best experience. After losing my brother and grandma, it gave me a renewed meaning for photography. The photos I have of them allow me to remember all the special memories together. Wedding photography is not just about pretty photos, it is a joyful and stress-free experience as well as a souvenir of your memories that you will value for your whole life. I greatly encourage you to invest in these memories in a way that will serve you best.

4. Do you connect?

This is such a key part of finding your wedding photographer. Since your wedding photographer shares so much of your special day with you from getting ready till the exit and all the moments in between, it’s really important that you connect. This is a big reason why I meet with my couples over coffee prior to booking so that we can get to know each other and see if we would be a good fit. And also why I offer complimentary engagement sessions with every wedding package so that we can further connect and prepare you with excitement for your wedding day photography experience!

5. Does their style and offers fit your needs?

And lastly, in your search for your wedding photographer, you should make sure they offer what you are looking for. Photographers offer various packages and experiences, it will serve you best if they offer exactly what you need. Some photographers include in their packages a second shooter, complimentary engagement sessions, luxury wedding albums, or an online gallery, etc.

Are you looking for a candid photojournalist photographer, a more classic posed photographer, or a little of both, a fine art film photographer, moody and dark, or a bright and airy Photographer? I encourage you to look into the different photography styles and see which one fits you best! My style is classic and timeless, filled with light and true color, with a focus on genuine, and joyful moments.

I hope these little tips help relieve any stress with your search. If you'd love to talk more about hiring me as your wedding photographer then send me a message here! I am booking weddings for 2022 and would love to send you some more information to see if we'd be a great fit! I hope you find the photographer who will give you the best service, treat you as their friend, be worth your investment, connect with you, and give you what you need most on one of the most special days of your life!

- Love Sarah

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