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Wedding processional and first dance Songs that are Unique & Sentimental

Want to know a fun fact about me? I had picked out the song for my graduation slideshow three years before I graduated! That might be a little crazy but it really was the perfect one! If you are anything like me, songs have a special meaning to you.

Couple romantically dancing to a song for their first dance

Over the years as my siblings have gotten married, and with the many weddings I have attended, I started a collection of wedding song ideas for that big moment. Songs that will make the groom cry when you walk down the aisle, or that capture the feeling you have been dreaming of for years. So without further adieu here are some of my favorite processional songs and if you read to the end you might find a few surprise ones for your first dance!

Instrumental Wedding Processional Songs

This song was played at my sister-in-law's wedding and from the moment I heard it as she walked down the aisle, it was as if time stopped. It has a beautiful and wistful Celtic feel to it. I love the way the cello, piano, and violin capture the essence of the moment with this gorgeous song. And plus you can say you walked down the aisle to a song from “How to Train Your Dragon”!

This song was played for my sister’s wedding and I still almost tear up every time I listen to it. Maybe I am a little sentimental or biased with the songs that my sisters chose for their wedding, but give it a listen and I am pretty sure you will be convinced. I love how this song builds up to the moment of the bride walking down the aisle. It creates that climactic feel, and everyone in the audience will be captivated. When I heard that it is from Jurassic Park, I couldn't believe it because it doesn't seem like it fits the movie. But it truly is a beautiful choice!

This song was played at a friend’s wedding. I quickly added it to my list of wedding songs because of how the music comes to a climax and has a soft blissful feel. But it also has a really special message behind it for those who don’t know the song. A portion of the lyrics write;

“You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas

I am strong when I am on your shoulders”

I love how the message behind it points to Christ. And is a reminder that Christ is the foundation for your marriage, and when founded upon Him, He will raise you up!

Summer Wedding Ceremony at The Barn on Wild Rose Prairie in Washington

This song has a beautiful soft feeling to it like butterflies flying in the wind, or water flowing down. It would be a stunning song to have for an outdoor summer garden wedding.

I love that the title of this song totally captures the essence of the music. It's perfect! It has high climatic notes and continuous movements but it all blends together perfectly.

Father walking daughter down the aisle at a wedding in San Diego California

Unique Wedding Songs for the First Dance

I chose these songs below because I treasure the lyrics that point to Christ and the true meaning of marriage, in addition to the beautiful music that ties it all together.

I heard this song while I was studying and I had to pause what I was doing to listen to it. The words beautifully depict what marriage is all about. The goal of to put Christ on display as you are become one and learn to serve one another. This goal remains steadfast when you are weak and when you are strong. It is one of my favorite songs about marriage.

My favorite part of this song is the lyrics that sing,

“I get to love you

It's the best thing that I'll ever do

I get to love you

It's a promise I'm making to you

Whatever may come your heart I will choose

Forever I'm yours, forever I do”

This is my favorite because of its focus on love being a promise to the other person forever. No matter what comes, it is something you are committed to for life. I think this song beautifully captures the vows that are said at weddings. And it would make for a beautiful first dance song.

Couple kissing after their first dance at their wedding in San Diego Ca

This song pictures the heart of a bride and groom with the unified desire to glorify and love God more than each other. That is so important because Christ is the foundation that keeps a marriage strong throughout the years. I hope you enjoy listening to the beautiful truth sung in this song.

As you are planning your special day I hope these songs will inspire you! And that they will remind you of the beauty in what you are stepping into with your fiance. It's the choice to love and serve one another forever.

Love Sarah Noel



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